What’s Thanksgiving without a little tradition? The turkey, some football, cranberries, your family, football, wine, stuffing, pie, a little more football, maybe some more wine and then wind down with a few football highlights over a glass of wine.

One of our favorite traditions has become the moment of silence we take right before we eat ourselves into another wardrobe. Most use a moment like this to give thanks to a healthy family, healthy finances or a healthy grasp of what’s happening on House of Cards.

However these last couple years we’ve started a new tradition within this tradition. Nowadays during the moment of silence my husband and I can only look at each other and grin while we shake our heads in bemusement at what our life has become.

So this year we’d like to start yet another tradition and venture out from the silent moments by paying thanks to a very special group of people in our lives. Our customers. Thank you.

Thank you for allowing us to work from home so we can play with the kiddos during our “Coffee Breaks”. Thank you for allowing us to build our own schedule so that we might spend more time with our friends and family. Thank you for being the paycheck that feeds our son and allows our daughter to feed our dogs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So from Champagne Press to you and yours, wherever you are on this little blue marble, we’d like to wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and a productive new year losing all the turkey, wine and pie weight.                                                                                                                  thsafgyhj you


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  1. Mary Chaet says:

    You’ve sure got a gift for words, Julie Chaet! What a great message of gratitude, mixed with a little bit of humor! Love the reference to your coffee breaks, which I’m guessing are void of any coffee!! ha And I can just picture you and Ben smiling at each other, rendered speechless, by what you have created both in business and family. All I can add is how much I love you guys and how impressed I am by the way you pull it off! :)

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